Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Assignment 1

Jim Kazanjian

I really like this photograph because it's very natural and at the same time it creates this surrealistic idea of architecture and its impact on the our natural world. Personally, I like how the photographer collaged a bunch of houses to make up a huge building composed of the smaller buildings and it is also the first photo that caught my attention when I was searching because of the house collage and the big crack underneath. If you like this photo, I recommend this photographer and his work. 

Assn. 1

'Boys and Girls' Russell Lee, 1941
I really like this photo for a few reasons. The first one is that it makes me smile to see cutesy things like this. This photograph was taken almost 75 years ago by Russell Lee (in 1941) and takes something very controversial and turns it into something that looks completely normal, at least it should now days.  I love vintage photographs because you actually get to see things that took place way before you were born (or in this case for me, before my grandparents were born!)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Assignment 1

This picture was taken by Joe Mamer.  I really like pictures of skylines especially at sunset, they are so beautiful.   I think the soft colored sky looks really good next to the dark buildings.  I also like the long exposure used in this photo.

Assignment One

This photo is my Henri Cartier-Bresson. I really enjoy this photo because there is a playful air to it. The movement of the staircase with the children peeking over the edge is wonderful. I really enjoy photographs of day to day life and black and white photos.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Assignment 1

I like this photo because the focus is on the reflection and not what is actually in the picture. It shows how photographs can be used to show a different perspective or viewpoint than what people would normally see. I also like this picture for its simplicity and how that it can mean so much.

Assignment 1

I like this picture because it has an important message behind it. I enjoy pictures that sends an important message. This picture was taken by Gregg Segal, he did several pictures like this for a campaign, the idea was people would lay in a weeks worth of their trash.

Assignment 1

I like this picture because it captures the beauty of the place very well. The composition of the trail on the right with the mountain in back and the water makes the viewer look at all the different things going on. The lines of the clouds are a point of interest with the way they draw the viewers eye into the tip of the mountain. It makes me wish i could be at this place.

Zion National Park, Assignment #1

"A Walk in the Park" by Steve Hancock

I really enjoyed this picture because it shows the natural beauty of the US. The composition of this photo is interesting because it displays the contrast of the cave walls with the clear water. As the light comes in from the back it draws the eye to the foreground and the colorful rocks are able to come into focus.

The simplicity of nature is captured effortlessly as the cave creates a sort of frame for the photograph.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Assignment #1

 Chris Faust "Waiting at a Crossing"

I like this photograph because I love night photography and I am also somewhat of a "gearhead" being involved in the whole "car culture". Chris Faust is a panoramic photographer working out of Minneapolis. He shoots on 35mm film using wideluxes and cirkut cameras with a fairly closed aperture and long exposure time to achieve the stylized looks in his photographs. I love flares or glowing lights and clean, blurred movement (such as the train) caused from long exposures which are all common themes seen in Chris's photographs.

Friday, May 15, 2015

"The one that got away"

"The one that got away"
1. Arrived
2. Set up camp
3. Enjoyed the view
4. Woke up
5. Packed up
6. Loaded up
7. Went fishing
8. Hooked a fish
9. The one that got away