Monday, February 9, 2015

Assignment 4- Treasure Hunt

1. Balance- Good example of balance because if the railroad is unbalanced the train goes off the tracks.

2. Broken- I was making breakfast and this seemed like a good idea.

3. Funny- It's funny to me because of obvious. immature reasons. I found this by the Longhorn Steakhouse on 13th Ave. in Fargo.
4. Old- An old Warehouse on Center Ave. I tried to give it an old-timey look without making it look black-and-white, the colors are pretty faded out.

5. Red- A railcar that can be seen on Main Street in Fargo, I brought out the red and brought down the rest of the picture to make the red really pop.

6. Reflection- My roommate insisted this would make a good photo, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

7. Simple- Just sitting on my deck with my old, dirty Converse on.

8. Technology- Picture of some headphones with an iPhone out of focus in the background.

9. Texture- My guitar amp show texture in the word Fender but also in the material that covers the speakers.

10. Tranquil- Picture of an old church on 8th street, to me a church has always symbolized a place of tranquility.

-Nolan Schmidt

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