Monday, February 9, 2015

Treasure Hunt.

 Took a photo of my friend on a sidewalk one chilly evening.
 A broken piece of wood on my garage after I accidentally clipped it with the side of my car.
 He was hungry for crackers. Not white people, just plain crackers....
 Snapped a shot of a film camera I've been using for my intermediate film class this semester, and as one can see, this machine has gone through a lot over the years. 
 "I really shouldn't be worried until I start weeping blood." -James Bond, Casino Royale. Been working on a short horror film lately and saw this moment and had to snap a picture of it.
 My roommate has an unhealthy collection of Minion toys. Made good use of one here with this pic.
 My cat was very confused when I sat this down in front of her.
 I just love the green lights coming from this controller.
 After taking this picture, I felt as if I could reach out and feel the texture of the bricks.
Most people take pictures of buildings, lakes or other structures for Tranquility, but I find peace and calmness with the face of this pug piggy bank.

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